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Emotional Health: Resilience

Reflections on what contributes to resilience, the inner characteristic that pulls us out of the vortex of our own fear and guilt in order to let us live full and meaningful lives. Read More »

Trauma, Spirituality, and Healing

In confronting the senselessness of the things that had happened to her while at the same time figuring out what could create meaning in her life… Read More »

Before Forgiving

Is forgiveness a one-way process, given that you know you may never get an apology, or is it a two-way process, in which the perpetrator’s remorse and reparations are important to you? Read More »

What Can We Do About Cell Phone Incivility?

Should we say something—politely—to the cell phone exhibitionist who is rude to the cashier in front of us, or to the waitress, the bank teller, or any number of others? Read More »

Enchanted Autumn: A Road Scholar’s Hike Through the Lake Country of Italy

Participants came from all over the U.S. Most of the group had worked in a professional capacity, and some still were active in their careers. All had a zest for learning that more than justified our title as “scholars.” Read More »

Book Review: ‘Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End’

Certainly there are limitations to what is possible in housing and treating the frail elderly, but in “Being Mortal” we are offered some fascinating alternatives. Read More »

Book Review: “Lighter As We Go”

The book’s authors assure us, through personal anecdotes, case studies, and findings from research on aging, mental health, and illness, that growing older can be a rewarding and enjoyable phase of life. Read More »

On Emotional Health: This Is Not Your Mother’s Retirement

If you think of retirement as a wheel with many spokes, with some planning and networking you can create a healthy balance of health and fitness, family and relationships, lifelong learning, creating Read More »

Finding Peace: An integrative Approach to Healing from Depression

There is no quick fix for depression. We must choose to engage in life or retreat into the unhelpful behavior patterns confronting us. Read More »

Women, Faith, and Spirituality

A close friend facing the diagnosis of progressive memory loss asks me, “I’ve lived a good life. How is it this is happening to me?” A patient who suffered unspeakable childhood abuse asks, “I’m ready to love, Read More »

From Failure to New Possibilities

In my personal life and in my work as a psychotherapist I’ve often reflected upon the process of moving forward after a devastating loss or humiliating failure. How is it a well-known musician who has lost his health, his marriage, and his band, survives a stem cell transplant and transforms the passion he once put Read More »

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